Dress-Up Guides For Men’s Leather Shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes that match perfectly with outfits is always been a difficult decision for men. Nowadays men’s footwear fashion has so much variety that can make your decision seriously confusing. People usually follow celebrities wearing, magazine, or watch fashion shows to know the matching footwear. In this article, we try to make leather shoe dress-up guides. The guide will help you in choosing the right wear.

Wingtip Oxford

These classic Style Oxford shoes are a must-have pair for every man.  The upper leather and full leather lining and comfortable insole of this pair make it the first choice for men looking for classic style and executive look. The wingtip oxford is a perfect match with business suits, a non-white collar environment, and dark jeans. The pair are equally looking goods in brown, chocolate brown, shining black, Tan, Mustard, or double tone brown, etc.  Black wingtip oxford shoes go well with grey, charcoal, black three-piece suits. Whereas brown or brown shades wingtip oxfords evenly look good with navy blue, royal blue, earthy or dark brown three-piece suits. The wingtip oxford is a four-season pair and can be used as an office dress code.

 Cap Toe Oxford

Cap toe oxford is still considered the best style shoe for men over a hundred years. The black color is the epitome of cap-toe oxford shoes. Other colors like tan, brown, cognac are also looked great but black is best of all. Unlike wingtip which can be worn as a bit casual, Cap toe is famous amongst men looking for classic style and worn with their business suits across the globe. The cap toe oxford is popular wear for weddings, executive meetings, and business launches. This style is also famous among men who are looking for a closed lace-up and polished style.

Loafers or Slip-on

If there is one shoe style that serves men’s fashion all wear that is Loafer. Like other Shoes, Loafer has a wide variety of Styles. Loafers are for everyday wear and good if you are looking for a casual environment. The famous loafer styles are Penny, Tassel, Hazel, Kilt, Driving, Pump, Supper, Boat, and Espadrille. Loafers can wear with Shorts, Cotton pants, Suits, Tuxedos with and without socks. The pump Loafer particularly very famous in recent times with Tuxedos. Tassel and Penny is a good choice with Cotton pants. Whereas Kilt, Driving, Supper, Espadrille, and Boat style loafers are a very good choice with Jeans and Shorts.

Monk Strap Loafer

Monk strap loafer style becoming very popular in recent times. The Style has the feature of cap toe detailing and single or double strap on vamp. This style provides a versatile option for dress up with jeans, a dress shirt uniform, or even with business suits. The pair is the best choice for your fancy date or night party. The Monk Strap Loafer is a good fashion statement of classic casual style, good with jeans and upper top long coat. The tan and Black color gives classy look whereas cognac, mustard, brown, and other colors are good for the everyday walk of life.

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