Loafers: The Best Choice for Men’s Shoes for All Occasions

A man’s apparent personality is judge by the pair of shoes he wears. In the Men’s wardrobe, shoes are the most important Components describing men’s image. Shoes for men are the same as makeup and jewelry for women. Every man owns a different style of shoes in his wardrobe. For example, Oxford shoes go well with tuxedo and business suits, Sneakers perfectly match with jeans, shorts, and trousers, Leather boots look awesome with jeans and overcoat. Slip-on is a great choice with chinos, cotton pants, and casual wear.

Although there are many styles a man should have in his wardrobe. In this article, we will only talk about Loafers and their style.

Loafers or Slip-on

Loafers or slip-on is a lace-less shoe and has a moccasin construction. In the early history Loafers were worn as Casual type shoes but with the passage of time increased in reputation to the point of being worn in business meetings with business suits. Loafers are low shoes as ankle exposed and not firmly wrap around the ankle. In modern fashion Loafer wear without socks and short pants but if you want to wear with socks. you can use socks as well in order to avoid leather sweatings. The emergency easy-on wear, classic lines, and versatility of design make loafers the first choice for men’s daily outfit wear. The most common and popular styles of loafers are penny loafer, Tassel Loafer, Kiltie loafer, Espadrille loafer, horse-bit loafer, and Gucci loafers, etc.
Below are some popular Loafer style and their dress-up guides
Penny Loafer amongst all types of loafers gains the most reputation in men’s loafer styles shoes. A horizontal strap across the top cut with perfect size and shape of penny and fashionable modish touch added to the plain loafer.

Loafer Dress-Up Guides

Hazel Loafer on the other hand very famous amongst mid-age and everyday wearer of jeans. A horizontal buckle or two with a decorative touch added to a simple loafer. This style is famous in the spring and summer seasons.

Tassel Loafer can wear with business suits. The Tassel on the vamp of Loafer provides an exquisite stylish look to compliment your outfit. Tassel Loafers is very famous in the summer and autumn seasons.

Pump Loafer is a low shoe very famous in modern age men’s fashion with a tuxedo. The Glossy Loafer is famous for an all-season wear fashion style.

Kilt Loafer is very famous for party wear. A broad strap across the top of the loafer adds delicate looks to the style of the loafer. Kilt Loafer is usually worn in the autumn season.

Last but not least Supper Loafer is for people who like to wear jeans and shorts. This style of loafer is usually worn in the spring season.

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