About Us

Who We Are?

Stenbok represents a sophisticated brand of luxury man’s footwear which never loses optical discernment of the genuine art of handcrafting and enhances the personality of those experiencing the brand. Stenbok prides itself on manufacturing some of the highest quality men’s handmade leather shoes in the market. During the years our brand has been perpetually modeling its accumulations dedicating particular attention to the tendencies of the moment, however being faithful to its genre, that is to verbalize classical & fashionable shoes.
Everything is conceived in order to answer to the requisites of a modern, metropolitan man, an engaged man, who dotes to follow present times with their fashion, but who demands high calibers of quality. The value of the shoes has always been a factor of apperception for the Stenbok brand. In order to satiate this goal, raw materials are collected with special attention. The selection is often represented by valuable leather . Our team has managed to cumulate made-to-measure and yare-to-wear, procuring a result of the very utmost quality. Stenbok creations are all made inflexibly by hand in a factory and feature obsessive research into leathers, materials, and details. Following this philosophy, Stenbok reached paramount apexes of professionalism. Professionalism whose fame surmounted the markets of a great part of the world. Stenbok realizes its products with desire. In this way, the manufacturing of the shoes maintains the prehistoric flavor of the handicraft. The man cut, sews, assembles progressively modeling a regular artwork.