What Trendy and Classy Men’s Shoes will be in Fashion in 2021?

Footwear Fashion designers design shoes that remain trendy and fulfill the executive classic style for long durations. Modern footwear designer focuses on aesthetic design without sacrifice comfort. Some shoes are seasonal, some design for formal wear and some are for everyday walks of life. In this article, we will discuss the trendy and classy men’s shoes that will be in fashion in 2021.

Trendy and Classy Men’s Shoes For 2021


Modern Moccasins are the most perfect leisure shoes for city dwellers.


They are suggestively more suitable for every walk of life wear than their predecessors. The Moccasin’s extraordinary elegance lies in its precisely comprehensive construction. The separate insole and outsole, additional rubber nubs integration into the outsole make it lovely footwear. They can wear best with Kurta Kameez, Jeans, Cotton Pants.


Sneakers perhaps the most demanding footwear for men’s casual fashions in recent times. Wear with jeans, shorts, tracksuits or hoodies & sweatshirts sneakers always add value to your outfit. Sneakers are most valued by designers in past years and will be in demand in 2021 as well. The sneaker without unusual elements looks awesome in brown, dark, gray, light, etc.  According to designers, among all sneaker colors, the demand for white sneakers is unprecedented.  it is easily suited with all types of casual clothes outfits. Mostly wear on night club parties and consider as a symbol of street style in young generations.

Classy Formal Shoes:

When talking about men’s footwear fashion sophistication. There is no footwear style that can match the Derby and Oxford executive classic style.




Stenbok Wingtip Oxfords Mustard
                                                                                          Wingtip style men’s oxford shoes.

For hundreds of years, these classic shoe styles kept the same shape and elegance without losing anything of their reputation. Generation after generation the Derby & Oxford formal shoes are the most loved shoes in footwear. The closed lace-up and sleek design makes it ideal for three-piece suits and guarantees elegant executive looks.  Truly both Oxford and Derby remain an indispensable part of any gentleman’s footwear collection.

Quick Look:

Stenbok Wingtip Oxfords Black

Heavy Corrugated Sole Shoe:

heavy corrugated shoes
                                                                         Heavy corrugated Sole shoe

The heavy corrugated sole shoes are very trendy with jeans and leather jackets, especially in winter. Therefore, the high heel military-style boots never out of men’s fashion footwear. The Corrugated heavy rubber protectors like arm forces shoes embellish the contemporary brogues.

Trendy Loafers:

Loafers were trendy in 2019-20 and remain in trend for 2021 as well. This is because of many reasons they never out of demand in men’s footwear fashion.

Stenbok Pebble Loafer Brown
                                                         Pebble Loafer Brown

One it comes along with many styles like penny loafer, tassel loafer, supper loafer, hazel loafer, pump loafer. Secondly, it is easy to put on wear. Thirdly with its wide variety of style fulfill the formality, seasonality issues of footwear wear. Moreover, with comfortability, laceless, and lightweight feels they are popular among men of all ages.

Quick Look:

Stenbok Woven Leather Loafers Brown

STENBOK is a handcrafted bespoke shoe manufacturer online store. They provide sleek design executive shoes for men of all ages. The design is up to the latest trend in footwear fashion. you can found your next dress shoes in our collection of premium grade handmade leather shoes as classically stylish and feel of electiveness.

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