When To Wear Black Shoes VS Brown Shoes

Men’s Shoe Style and range of colors are very different from Women Shoe Style and range of colors. There is no absolute list that defines the comprehension of men’s Shoe dress rule. Some fashion rule suggests that buckle of the belt should match with the bit of loafer. Another rule suggests that the color of the socks should match the color of the pants and shoes. Shoe Fashion is continuously evolving over the period of time and one should play around and figure out their own fashion style that suits their personality.

The confusion of Black vs Brown Shoes

In the era of Global Village, Men’s dress fashion allows us to choose Shoes from a breathtaking design and wide variety of colors to make our daily life wear perfect. Shoe manufacturers these days have all sorts of colors and shades to meet the demand of trending shoe fashion. Nonetheless, the most classic and versatile shoe colors that remain in men’s’ shoe fashion statements are black and brown. The classic nature of black and brown shoe color often confuses while dressing up for an event. While black is more use on formal events whereas brown because of its range of brown shades more uses on weddings, formal and casual.

So when to wear black vs brown shoes?

The Thumb rule is to avoid putting on black suits and brown shoes or vice versa pairing.

Brown Shoe Guideline

If you want to look a bit casual put on brown color shoes as they are dressy and comes in shades of chocolate, light tan, dark and light brown double tone. Brown Oxford or Dark Brown Brogue is a great choice with a navy blue three-piece suit. Royal Blue is another trending wedding suite and a brown toe cap detailing shoe will look perfect with it. Typically, brown shoes look great with earthy, blue, creamy white, and navy color three-piece suits or cotton pants. The versatility of brown color provides the flexibility of matching color. Brown has a little edge over Black when it comes to pairing with jeans. Even black jeans with dark brown shoes look great. Blue jeans perfectly match with any tone of brown shoes even though black with blue more in fashion but brown equally match with blue.  

Black Shoe Guideline
On the other hand, if you want to look executive put on black shoes as they are dressier. We often see celebrities wear black shoes on red carpet events, business meetings, and Exhibitions. Black color shoes are mostly use in the office as they are part of the dress code. Even though black shoes are not versatile in shades as brown but they give more classic and executive feelings. The black shoes are mostly paired with a black, charcoal, and grey color three-piece suit. As far as cotton pants are considering black is more suitable with black, Charcoal, and grey with a black overcoat at the top.

But hold on!

This is not a hard and fast rule of a fashion statement, and the rule is made to be broken in the fashion world. As Wiseman says, Fashion style is a state of mind. So better try and play around with your daily outfit and discover your own fashion statement by being creative.

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